Why Should You Hire Me? What Makes Me Different?

Why should you hire me?  In a couple of words I am FUN and I love children and teens.  You should hire me because I am virtual and this does provide a safe haven of knowing where your child is while being tutored.  In todays world we know that the safety of your child is of utmost importance.  Virtual tutoring is becoming a great thing.  Also with virtual tutoring you can be anywhere we don’t have to live within 30 miles of each other so it does broaden your field.

Another reason is because I stay up on the most modern methods of education so I am always going to have more than one thing to try and if one doesn’t work another one will.  I will look for the way your child learns and teach to their learning style, which unfortunately today they don’t always get that in school because of the large classroom sizes.  I am not afraid to try something new if what I am doing doesn’t work.

I am very price affordable and I do this because this is a passion for me to help children learn better and passion to help is more than the passion to get rich.  I am not in this just for the money.  I truly care about each individual I work with.

You are going to find your child will work better if they believe the person really cares.  They want to succeed down in their hearts so if they see you care they are going to be more willing to come on board.  My schedule is also flexible enough to work with anybody in any state.

I care very deeply for my students.

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