Why is one on one tutoring during summer helpful?

The reason a parent would want to go specifically with one on one tutoring is if your child is behind in a particular subject. Such as multiplication tables, reading comprehension, or site words for our early learners. When your child is falling behind you do want to make sure you get them one on one help. You don’t want your child to start the next year being behind right from the start.

Helping them with one on one tutoring will help re enforce all the things they learned during the school year which are building blocks. It will help them be ready for the new year.

Helping them to reinforce the ideas and especially with things like multiplication tables and reading comprehension when those thing are building blocks and for our younger children reinforce site words. This will build their confidence and will help them not be so unwilling to go to school.

Summer is an essential time to keep building the learning.

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