Why is it important for children to have some structure and learn over the summer?

Keeping some structure in a child’s life is very important.  Most children want structure even if they don’t know how to tell the adults in their life that they do want structure.   Structure makes a child feel comfortable.

Another reason for the importance of summer learning is students lose significant learning loss when they are not engaged in learning during the summer.  It does not have to be a structured all day event, but to have your child work with someone once a week during the summer would completely help prepare them for the next year of school.  You want your child you be confident when they start school and helping to encourage that during the summer is one way to help.

Easy reading during the summer will also help a lot.  Keep their mind moving.  Set up a time each day when they can sit and read for 30 mins is a good thing, less time if they are really young.  Setting up a time for you to read with them is a great way to encourage reading.  Weekly or bi weekly trips to the library are great.  If your library has a story time try and make story time once in a while.

If you are helping to cultivate good reading in your child you are helping to insure they are building good comprehension skills which are the basis of all education.

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