What Would I Do To Help Your Child?

My first answer to that question is ANYTHING I COULD.

Now to narrow down a little.  I would be that tutor who would first evaluate what your child needs help with, then access how they learn best.  After finding out this information that will give me something to go and build on.  I will then organize specific lessons that address the areas they are struggling with and add some fun to the learning.  No child is going to want to go school all day and then come home to have be tutored and not have some added to that.  There are many fun ways to learn multiplication tables, reading comprehension, sight word what ever it is they need.  After doing one or two lessons I will again evaluate where your child is and see if we have to change anything about the lessons or the way I am teaching.  After a month I will provide you as a parent with an update and any changes I think need to be made and ask if you have noticed any difference in school.

If I am a homework helper and not tutoring on new subjects I am going assist your child with all homework during our sessions.  I will find new ways to go over any problems, questions they are having difficulty with and see if I can come up with another way to explain to make sure they have the initial concept down.  I will not just give the answers but I will guide them in how to find the answers.

If I am helping with special projects then I will help them come up with fresh ideas and then we together will put an outline of how to accomplish the project and I will assist in each step of the way.

If I am coaching your teen age girl through just being a teen age girl then I am committed to listening to what her concerns are and talk through them with her.  I will bring in Biblical advice with the parents permission.  I will keep her confidence UNLESS it is something the parents need to know or she in any way says anything that leads me to think she is in danger to herself.

I am totally committed to each student I am working with in whatever way we are working together and will be building a relationship with them along the way.  They are going to want to work with me more as they learn that I am FUN, FRIENDLY and can be TRUSTED!

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