What Should You Look For In A Reading Tutor?

If you are looking for a reading tutor what should you be looking for?

This is a great question.  You want to make sure that you look for a person who loves to read themselves.  If the tutor doesn’t like to read themselves then it is hard for them to create a love for reading within your child.

You also want to make sure this tutor is going to be able to build a relationship with the person you choose.  I actually recommend before making a final decision you have the tutor meet your child.  Let them talk for a few minutes you will be able to tell what kind of relationship they could build.

Make sure you ask the tutor what kind of plan are they going to use.  Make sure the way they are going to work with your child is the best way that your child will learn.  Each child does learn differently so you do need to make sure that tutor is going to individualize for your child.

You also are looking for a person who is going to who is going to also be considerate of what kind of books your child might like to read.  If you have someone who is pushing books that totally don’t interest your child then your going to have a hard time.

Just be careful who you choose because this will determine if they are going to come on board or not.

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