What kind of summer program should you look for to help your child?

This can be answered in 2 ways. One if your child is on top of their learning then you may want to look for summer camp type activities. If your child is struggling in any area of their learning you may want to look for both an individual tutor and group activities.

Today I am going to give you some information on group learning. Tomorrow we will discuss individual learning.

A well known fact is missing out on summer learning is one of the leading causes to drop outs later in life. Missing out on summer learning is as unhealthy to a child as their unhealthy physical habits.

Make sure no matter which kind of learning you decide is best for your child you also encourage them and engage with them also. Reading together is a great activity.

Learning in a group has many benefits it does help promote more fun. When you are learning with others you can do games and make learning even more fun. In a group the children learn from each other and learning from their peers is great. Learning in a group sometimes especially during the summer doesn’t make it feel so much as learning and your tutor can also help by having small prizes for different activities.

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