What Do I Expect From Parents?

This is an easy answer.

I expect parents to trust me with their student.  I would like you to update me if there are any changes from your child’s teacher or any communication from the teacher because that will help me to help them better.

I would love if the parents would be in open communication with me.  If you have any concerns about where our tutoring sessions are going or if you want me to do something more than what I am covering please tell me.  The more open you are with me the better our sessions will go.

I would like if you are happy with my services that you do refer others that may need my services.  Word of mouth referrals are great.

I would like if you value our time together so please make sure your child is on time for their session and I am open to rescheduling if something comes up I just ask that you let me know as soon as you know.

The last thing I expect is from everyone who is involved in the tutoring for respect from all parties.  I believe that if I have respect for your child they will open up and learn better from me so I would like respect in return.

These are all easy things and I look forward to working with you all.

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