What Are My Teaching Experiences?

I have many teaching experiences both real life and in the classroom.  I am going to share in this blog about some of the teaching experiences I have had.


I have taught Sunday School and Vacation Bible School since I was 15 years old in each church that I have attended and that is both real life and classroom.  You get the classroom experience by studying the lesson and then presenting it.  You get the real life experience by dealing with each individual student because in that matter you have some very individual needs, some are serious family issue.

I taught at an early learning center for 5 years in various classrooms and in addition for one full school home schooled two 2nd grades for my early learning center director at the same I was also her full time nanny for two younger and one teenager.  A whole of life experience went into that.  I also planned our grand opening with people attending from the Governor, newspapers and delegates from the White House.

I taught at a Private Christian School for 5 years Middle School.  I taught all subjects but math, one of my parents offered to teach math to give me a daily break to do administrative things.  This was also a real life experience because each student came with their own issues an sometimes swept over into after or before school.

I coached a Junior Bible Quiz team and our team did get to Nationals one year.  That was a lot of teaching the facts and coming up with ways to help them memorize.

I was a Missionette teacher which is like a Biblical girl scout troup only with more girls.  I eventually became the Missionette coordinator in one of the churchs.

I have individually worked with 2 substance abuse teenagers and gotten them into the proper rehabs and after programs.

I have also been a virtual tutor for about 8 years.

I have coached teen age girls in my church with just normal teen girl problems.

I have also worked as an adult leader in the youth ministry for about 5 years.

I have also done Vacation Bible Schools, youth retreats and drama ministry for eight missions trips and love that experience.

All of these experiences have brought me to where I am today which is the fact that my passion is to help children and teens be successful in their lives and help them to walk through those hard places.  I know when I was teen girl I wished I would have had someone to help walk me through those places.

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