Tutoring Services

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Individual Tutoring:

With individual tutoring your child will receive individualized lessons each week. These lessons will be based on the way your child learns best. Each lesson will have a review of the previous lesson and an outline of what we will accomplish in the new lesson. I will have a game to reinforce the lesson. I will have some other visual aids to incorporate into the lesson. We will go over the lesson at the end with any questions and a short review quiz to make sure whatever the idea I am teaching has been reinforced. The parents can expect weekly updates from me. If there are any problems we will discuss them and work out a better way of teaching this particular lesson.

Summer Program:

The summer program I offer is to help your child work their brain in an informal way, to be able to keep the juices flowing without pressure. I will do more games to reinforce learning. We will practice those skills that are building blocks to education. We will work on skills like reading comprehension, multiplication tables, and for our younger students sight words and counting. Summer program is a great time to catch up on anything your child struggled with throughout the year. Also we will implement some time to just practice reading out loud. The books we read together will be ones that interest them. If your child doesn’t like to read this is my chance to change their thinking!

Group Tutoring:

This program offers your child the ability to learn with a group. It can be either a group that your child knows or a group I have already going. Children often learn well together with peers. In group tutoring, I will teach in different ways to incorporate all the different learning styles. We will do group games and have contests to increase skills. We will also read together as a group. Group tutoring is a great place to reinforce those skills such as multiplication tables and sight words or for the younger students, those skills that require memorization. If a child is falling behind with the group, they will have their peers help them in a fun way with less pressure.

Help With Special Projects:

This program offers you as a busy parent the opportunity to have some help with book reports, science projects, history projects, or term papers. I will help your child look at the project as a whole, figure out an outline of when it is due, and decide which steps we need to take in order to get the project completed. I will then send a rough timeline for the parents to approve and will guide your child through each step of the way. When you break down the project into bite size pieces your child will succeed in these projects. This work will free up the parent to be able to concentrate on family time. Breaking each piece out takes the pressure off the whole project. Projects are made simple.