Reliance On Others

Reliance on others this is a big thing.  From the earliest age and your child’s schooling they need to start to learn they are in charge of their learning and education.  What does this mean exactly?

They are in charge of their education in other words paying attention when the teacher is instructing does fall on them.  Bringing home all the assignments and notebooks that the teacher gives is part of what they need to learn.  Bringing the right books and the right papers to class daily starts in the early years.  You must teach them to be responsible for these things and for them to not do this is their responsibility.  Forgetting on a consistent basis and letting the child experience the results of that is part of their learning that they need to rely on themselves and not on others.

Allow them to make their own mistakes but you do have to guide them in the beginning until they get that pattern down.  This is a time when you must work with the teacher and discover where they are struggling and help them in that area.  It may take a tutor or homework helper to get this done.  You need to give them all the tools they need to succeed in this area.

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