Reading Comprehension Is The Building Block Of Education

Reading comprehension is one of those things that sometimes gets looked over.  Parents tend to say that the comprehension will get better as the child gets older.  It doesn’t effect anything else but reading class.

Well the thing I have to say about that is WRONG!!!!!

Reading comprehension is the building block of education… When you think about it this way… just giving you one example… When your child is trying to do a word problem in Math and they are having trouble with reading comprehension then they have no idea what they are supposed to do with the word problem…

Not being able to comprehend what they are reading could be very frustrating for your child.  They sometimes don’t even know why they don’t understand.  They get frustrated because they feel like there is something they are missing but they don’t understand what it is.

The one thing I can encourage you on is don’t let it go.  If there is any comprehension problem you do want to address it before it is too late.  Comprehension skills just keep building and if they are not getting it in the beginning it will get worse and they will struggle throughout their school years.

Please take this seriously and get them the help they need.

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