Poor Time Management Skills And Procrastination!

Does your child wait until the very last minute to complete and assignment?  Do they rush through the project or assignment just to get through it?  These can be symptoms of lack of time management skills or procrastination.

Number one thing is make sure you as a parent are supplying your child with all the tools necessary to not be a procrastinator.  Some of these things can be calendars with spaces they can break the project down on to be able to complete by due date, make sure they are completely marking the due date so they can check and see how they are doing.  Have them to outline what needs to be done to complete the project and then put the dates in the calendar so they can see them and know which day each piece should be finished by.  The younger the student the more hands on the parents will have to be.  Remember you are training them to become independent.  You working through a few projects with them will help them to be able to complete it on their own.

When is the date that you should break down the project?  The day it is assigned.  If you help them break down or put an outline on paper the day the project is assigned you will help them become a procrastinator.  Once a procrastinator the easier it is to remain a procrastinator.  Procrastination helps with poor time management skills.

Training your child to become a successful student is when your child knows when their tests are and when assignments are due without relying completely on their parents to tell them.  Again please remember is an acquired skill.  Start young and teach them to be successful.  If you don’t have the time to put in to this make sure you are looking for a homework helper or tutor to pick this up.

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