Mentoring Services

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A little about me as far as coaching. Again, you know my name is Jane. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and was adopted as a child. I am a survivor of different types of abuse, especially verbal and emotional. Because of the abuse I grew up with, I had very low self-esteem. However, since becoming an adult, I have learned so much about who I am and what a great service I have to offer. I have also learned about myself and that neither my self esteem nor that of young girls is based on their past.

My passion is to help girls find themselves during the growing up period. We all know that growing up is hard, especially in our troubled world now. Self-esteem, whether good or bad, comes from all kinds of places. So I have a few services that I offer. I have worked as an adult leader in youth groups for many years and have been trained. I also have some college classes in this area such as Personal Development, Working with Groups of Teens.

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One on One Mentoring:

I do mentoring one on one and we talk about real life things going on. I provide a safe place for them to talk freely about what is going on in their lives. Some topics we know are very prevalent today are self esteem, bullying, and peer pressure. I am able to guide them through a discussion of these issues while maintaining their confidentiality. If there are conversations the parents need to know about because of the girls' safety, I definitely keep the parents apprised. Sometimes talking with another adult besides the parents about these real life subjects offers a place for the girls to learn and grow.

Group Mentoring:

This is a service where we group the girls together with other girls their own age. It gives them a place to be able to work through all those hard things going on in life. Talking with peers but being guided by an adult is often very helpful. The girls can share with their peers and sometimes the peers have already gone through the same situation and can offer advice and help.

For group mentoring, I often will use a book to help guide our discussion time. Two of the main books I have used and have found to be effective are Untangled by Lisa D'amour and Embracing Awkward by Joshua Rodriguez. I've also used some examples from the Bible. When we are using a book, we spend about 20 minutes reading the book and discussing, then usually talking about what the real issue is and then any advice I have to give them. It is more about giving them a place to sound out, talking through the problem, whatever it is, and coming up with a solution they can embrace and live with.