How Many Different Learning Styles Are There And Why Is It Important To Know Which One You Child Needs?

You may be wondering why your child has some better teachers than others and what does one teacher do that helps your child have a greater education experience than others?

The main reason is because there are 7 different learning styles and the key to a great education is for your child to be learning in the style in which they recognize and learn the best.  Unfortunately because the classrooms are so large and so many different students and different learning styles the teacher has to teach to the most represented group and sometimes that is not your child’s learning style.  When that happens sometimes your child lags behind in school and they don’t even understand why.

That is one reason that one on one tutoring may be the answer for you.  With one on one tutoring your child is going to get that individualized attention and the tutor will be able to cater to the learning style that suits your child’s way of learning

There are 7 different learning styles and I am going to list them in today’s blog but we will be taking a day and exploring each style so you have more information on each style and will be able to figure out which style is your child’s.

The 7 styles are:








The best help you can be for your child is to determine which style they learn best by and if they need a tutor make sure the tutor is individualizing the lessons for the way they learn best.  So you will need to understand each learning style to be able to help your child.  I will take each style and give some tips and tricks of how to teach in that learning style.  So come back tomorrow to start with the learning styles.


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