How Do You Get Your Child To Read?

How do you get your child to read?


Find out what kind of books your child will be interested in.  If you are trying to get them to read things that they are not interested in you are going to have a hard time with them most of the time.

Set aside a time each day even if it is just 15 minutes for them to take a break from playing or watching the TV and sit quietly and read.  Children do like to have some kind of structure so if you set up that time it will be easier.

Make a calendar and let them put stars on it for each day that they do read and maybe if they have a certain percentage of days they successfully read then give them a small reward.

Set up a time for you to read with them and either have them read to you or you read them, when doing that make sure that you do have them read to you for at least part of the time.

Set up a time where you and your child cuddle on the coach or bed and read together with you reading your book and them reading their book.

If your child has a friend they hang out with have them take a break together and sit and take a break maybe with a snack and read together.

Make reading fun and adventurous.



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