Homework Tips

Here are some tips while you are developing that homework schedule and consistency:

  1.  Let your child help select the homework place.  It should be the same place daily and it should not be in front of a TV or laying on the bed.  Pick a place that is nearby where you will be, but a place that is quiet and will give your child better focus.  Let your child have a say in where this place is.  The kitchen table, a desk, the den are some great suggestions.
  2. Stay away from electronics that are not needed such as TV, CD player, radio.  These are distractions.
  3. You might try playing some soft gentle music in the background to keep the atmosphere positive.
  4. Make sure you stay nearby.  Don’t sit your 6 year old down in the den and you are upstairs on the second floor and expect that they will be able to keep their focus, because most of the time that will not work.

Remember homework should not be a fight of the lifetime….  Learning is and can be fun.  I know sometimes homework is not fun but find something that will bring a little sunshine into the homework time.

Above all remember it is okay to say you need help.  A lot of times a child will perform better doing homework with someone else helping them other than a parent.  So recognize if you do need a tutor then reach out and get the tutor you need.  Your child’s education is one of the most important things you can invest in.

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