Give it it’s new name

The Visual or (Spatial) learning style is the first one we are going to talk about.  Children who learn this way have a great sense of direction, when they are walking somewhere the instinctively know exactly which way to turn.  They can read maps well.  They love to draw, scribble, and doodle.  The chalkboard or a whiteboard is their best friend.

They learn best by seeing thing in front of them.  They use images, pictures, color and other visual media to help them learn.  When trying to understand something they use words like I can't picture that.  Let me try and picture that another way.

The best way to get present something new to them is to use mind maps or images in place of text and words.  Make sure when they are learning they have at least 4 different color of pens.  This will help them to separate everything in a visual.

A mind map is a diagram that is used to visually organize information.  It helps them to organize the information in their mind.  Diagrams are great for these kind of learners.  For example if your child were trying to learn the name of the bones they would learn better by replacing the names with a picture of the actual bone.  They could organize those pictures in their mind in a real way and learn them.  Or if they had to learn the states and capitals a picture of the map would be better than just saying what is the capital of Pennsylvania.

Another great learning technique for them is the use of flash cards.  Visual learners are great with events.  If they see the pictures they can learn it.


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