Fear Of Failure And Lack Of Self Confidence

A lack of self confidence and a fear of failure can stop your child from performing at their best.  When they lack self confidence they don’t believe that they can succeed and it does deter them from their own success.

A fear of failure can also stop your child from performing at their best.  Fear of failure can actually be something that stops your child from even trying because the fear takes over they can’t function through their success.

Not only can lack of self confidence hold the student back but an over confidence can also hold the student back.  Too much confidence can make the student not feel as if they have any thing to change and that can stop their growth.

From an early age you must teach your children that they can learn from mistakes and they can learn from acquiring new skills.  Those new skills are going to take practice and repetition, which does not mean failure if they can’t do it right the first time.

I know as a child if I could not do something the first time I really did believe that I was a failure which stopped me from thinking I could do it correctly.

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