Do You Know What Your Passion Is? I Do!

So have you ever had anyone come and ask you what your passion is?  I have been asked that question several times in my life and at times I just had no answer.  I have had passions and they were for a season and I always felt like I was wishy washy if my passions changed but I finally came to the realization that passions are sometimes just for a season and they do change as you change.

In this blog I am going to take you on a small journey.  So I grew up in a very small town and I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a teacher and during the summer I wanted to work at camps with teen age girls.  When I got out of High school college just wasn’t in the books at that time.  So I worked within about 10 years realized if I wanted to really make a significant difference in anyone’s life I had to leave my small town and find a job that could help me.  So I moved to Maryland and started working after a few years of work under my belt I still wasn’t satisfied so I decided to go to college and it was hard working full time being involved in a ministry at church pretty much full time and going to school full time most semesters but well worth it.  I eventually got a job in a Private School teaching Middle School and was working in the Youth Group as an adult leader and thought this was exactly where I was supposed to be and it was for a season.  I did that for 4 years right where God wanted me.

My passion changed slightly and I wanted to learn more about those struggling with substance abuse still keeping my focus on teen girls and young adult women so I added some classes and God placed a real life person in my life that I was helping in this area unexpectedly and it was really some on the job training.

Again my passion changed but really only slightly.  I love educating young minds and making it FUN, and I love coaching teen age girls in real time stuff, such as peer pressure and how to handle it, abuse and how to get help, self esteem issues.  That is where I am today with Tutor with Jane  I am a virtual tutor who loves FUN learning, and I also have great skills in real life coaching.  I know this is where I am supposed to be because I am always thinking about who can I help now and who needs my services.  I tutor both boys and girls virtually in a zoom room with the ability for us to see and talk to each other but also giving parents that safe feeling of know their children are right under their roof while learning.  I am always thinking of new ideas of how to make my tutoring and coaching better.

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