An Inability To Complete Tasks

It is your job as a parent to encourage your child in the ability to complete each task.  Don’t let them give up before the task is complete.  It may take more than one day to complete the task, especially if it is a brand new task.  Make sure you are giving your child the reinforcement to complete the task at hand.

Don’t encourage your child to seek all kinds of help before they do try and complete it themselves.  It is always good for the children to seek help with teachers and tutors and other things, but not before they give it their best shot to try and figure it out on their own.

When they don’t try and complete the task at hand they are also falling into that procrastination.  If you want your child to succeed you want they to do their best, try it on their own, and not procrastinate.

Learning a new skill can be challenging and make sure that you help them to fully succeed.

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